Frequently asked Questions


Q: What is course duration? When you conduct course?

Q: How much you charge for QA / QTP course?

Q: What is normal track and fast track?


Q: What is course duration? When you conduct course?
A: QA / QTP training course duration is 10 weeks. Daily we will have 1 hour 15 minutes class at 9 pm (Eastern time). We have classes daily (7 days a week including Saturday and Sunday).
You can try one week trial classes from tonight, if you like the classes, take the decision accordingly. It is not required to pay the fee during first week of course, there is no obligation, you can drop from the course if it is not meeting your expectation.


Q: How much you charge for QA / QTP course?
A: You can pay the fee only after one week trial classes, no need to pay the fee during first week. Course fee is $350 for QA and advanced QTP together.


Q: What is normal track and fast track?
A: Normal track course duration: 10  weeks. It is suitable for beginners with no experience.
In normal track first complete Manual testing classes on Mon, Tue, Wed and Thu   during first 5 weeks and next 5 weeks, you can attend advanced QTP classes on Fri, Sat and Sun
Fast track course duration: 5 weeks  -- It is suitable for people who want to complete the course as quickly as possible and who are able to spend more time to do home work and complete assignments.  Manual testing classes on Mon, Tue, Wed and Thu   +  QTP basics and advanced classes on Fri, Sat and Sun


Q: Who is the trainer?
A: QA Trainer has 15 years of software testing experience in India, USA and Canada. He is a PMP, QTP, CSTE and ITIL certified with vast experience in manual and automated testing. He conducted more than 200 batches for 2000 participants.


Q: Do you provide live project?
A: Our trainer provide daily home work, conduct 1 on 1 home reviews during week end, give many assignments on real softwares.


Q: Do you give job guarantee? Do you provide placement assistance?
A: After completion of course, we provide resume walkthrough, mock interviews and placement assistance. We have tie up for placement assistance, our marketing team will try to arrange client interviews. We will not give job guarantee.


Q: Do you provide material?
A: Yes, all soft copies of material will be provided.


Q: What is the course content?
A: All manual testing concepts,  Quality Center, LoadRunner, Basics of Unix and SQL, Basics and advanced QTP


Q: What is the content of advanced QTP course
A: Basics of QTP, Visual Basic scripting, descriptive programing etc. Please refer QTP Training pae for more details of course content.


Q: When your next batch will start?
A: We start new batches in 5 weeks frequency. You can try the trial classes starting from today, evaluate the class for 1 week, if you like the class, start from first of the class in new batch. Alternatively, you can continue in running batch, play the videos of previous classes videos and repeat the class in new batch again. You can repeat the course at free of cost any number of times.


Q: What if I miss 1 or 2 days class?
A: You can repeat the live classes any number of times without paying 2nd time. We will provide the live classes recorded videos daily. You can play the video on any day on demand. You can save the videos permanently on your local machine.


Q: Do you provide QTP / QC software?
A: We provide the links to down load software for tools like QTP, Quality Center and Load Runner. If you are unable to install the software on your computer, you can remotely access our lab from your home and do practicals. 


Q: How we can access the lab from my home?
A: Through GoToTraining software which is similar to WebEx. We will explain this in class.


Q: How can I access the class?
A: Just click on link (Please add this link to your favorites, you will use the same link daily) to register at free of cost and join in class. You can be able to see trainers computer and trainer can be able to see your computer if you permit. You can see trainer through web camera. It is interactive live class.


Q: What about audio?
A:Participants can use their computer's microphone and speakers (VoIP) or dial to telephone conference numbers given below:
USA: (914) 339-0020   /  Canada: (416) 800-9297
Access code: 812 670 292

You can ask the questions in this interactive class over your head set or telephone. You can also ask questions through chat messages facility also.


Q: I am not comfortable with online classes. How you make online class as attractive?
A: We agree with you. If classes are organised properly, online classes are very impressive. Being a future IT professional, you should aware how to interact with people who are in remote places / off-sites. It is a good learning point for IT professionals. Our online classes are successful in previous batches.


Q: Would you provide special attention on individuals?
A: We conduct 1 on 1 sessions for home work review and resume walk through. If you need answer to any specific queries, we will conduct 1 on 1 sessions and explain queries on your computer remotely.


Q: I am a non IT person and never worked in IT, how can you help us.
A: This class is meant for non IT people and people who never worked in IT. Trainer will explain all concepts from scratch. If you are willing to learn and ready to do hard work, you are suitable for IT industry. If you have desire to update your skill continuously, you are the right candidate for career in IT.


Q: What is the pre-requisite for QA course?
A: Must have database knowledge (SQL commands / basic queries writing skills) and MS office skills.


Q: How is the market for QA?
A: QA has excellent future. As long as development activities are there, testing activities are compulsory. We are facing scarcity for QA professionals.


Q: Am I required to install any software to access class?
A: No, if required Java will be downloaded automatically when you click on the link to join in class.  Normally first timers face trouble to login to class. We recommend you to login 30 minutes prior to class schedule on first day. If you face any issue, please call us at 215 297 4646 (USA) / 416 275 9840 (Canada) or call gototraining customer support team at 1-866-998-6710
We request you not to call the trainer after scheduled start time.


Q: I am not able to play the videos uploaded in your website
A: If you are unable to play the videos, please install GoToMeeting Codec Player available at
If problem still persists, please contact gototraining customer support team at 1-866-998-6710


Q: How can I access your daily videos?
A: Register at at free of cost to access daily videos.
Your registration will be approved in 24 hours. You can login to website after approval and access videos.


Q: I am not able to hear audio properly, it is breaking.
A: Please check your head set connection again.
Please see the link given below for better audio tips:
If you still face the issues with audio, please dial to conference numbers given below:
USA: (914) 339-0020   /  Canada: (416) 800-9297
Access code: 812 670 292


Q: I didn’t receive the link to access the class today
A: Please book mark the link given below, you will use the same link for daily registration


Q: I didn’t receive the running notes and material
A: You may find our emails in spam folder some times. Please add to your email contacts list to avoid our emails to go to spam folder. It is advisable to send us your alternate email id also to receive running notes and material.


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