Online LoadRunner – Performance Testing Training

Online Load Runner – Performance Testing Course

What we Offer?

We at GSS offer exclusive Online Load Runner Performance testing training which aims at helping the students understanding the Performance testing concepts. This course provides an in-depth understanding of Performance testing terminologies and concepts that boosts your confidence in success in your career.

Performance testing is crucial for the success of businesses being an important phase in the testing life cycle. It helps one know the behaviors of applications under load conditions. For example, a load condition is when a website encounters extraordinarily heavy traffic. A high-performing application is one that lets the end-user carry out a pre-defined task without undue perceived delay or irritation. Performance should not lie in “the eye of the beholder” or in other words, an application should be perceived objectively by all its end users.

The performance testing course is a blend of theoretical concepts and practical application. A number of case studies give participants a deep insight into performance testing and its applicability in a live environment.


  • Manual testing knowledge
  • Any scripting language knowledge
  • Good Analytical Skill
  • Basic knowledge of Statistics

Online LoadRUnner-Performance Testing Course Syllabus

  • What is Performance Testing
  • Performance Testing vs Functional Testing
  • Performance Testing Goals
  • Importance of Performance Testing
  • Pre-requisites of Performance Testing
  • Types of Performance Testing
  • Performance Management
  • Performance Testing Cycle and Activities
  • Performance Symptoms and Issus
  • Typical Order of Fixes
  • Challenges with Performance Testing
  • Performance Testing Matrices
  • Performance Testing Best Practices
  • What is LoadRunner?
  • Why LoadRunner?
  • LoadRunner Components
  • LoadRunner Protocols
  • Protocol Advisor
  • LoadRunner Architecture
  • How LoadRunner works?
  • Load Test Process
  • What is Vugen?
  • Why Vugen?
  • Vugen Workflow
  • Vugen Recording options
  • What is Correlation?
  • Why Correlation?
  • Web_reg_save_param() function
  • Web_reg_save_param() function with regular expression
  • How to identify which values to correlate
  • Correlation Rules
  • What are checkpoints?
  • Types of checkpoints?
  • What are Transactions?
  • Why Transactions?
  • Syntax with example
  • Nested Transactions with syntax and example
  • Transaction naming standards
  • Why use comments in the scripts?
  • How to insert comments in the scripts?
  • Vugen logs
  • Recorded log
  • Replay log
  • Compilation errors
  • Runtime Data
  • Script Structure
  • Multiple action files
  • Script Rules
  • What is Parameterization?
  • Why Parameterization?
  • Objectives of Parameterization
  • Parameter types
  • Simulate Parameters
  • Parameter Properties
  • Parameter combinations
  • Run Logic
  • Pacing
  • Log
  • Think Time
  • Speed Simulation
  • Browser Emulation
  • Proxy
  • Blocks – Multiple Actions
  • Think time vs Pacing
  • What is Controller?
  • Different kind of Scenario’s (Basic Schedule, Real World Schedule, by group, by scenario)
  • Scenarios Creation.
  • Adding Load Generators and verifying the connectivity
  • Run Time settings
  • Executing the tests
  • Post-execution activity
  • Monitoring servers through controller
  • What is Analyzer?
  • Auto Load Analysis
  • Session Explorer
  • 90thPercentile
  • Analyzer Graphs
  • Analyzer Reports
  • Drill-down
  • Granularity
  • Auto Correlate
  • Cross Results

Importance of Performance Testing?

How does performance testing work? It evaluates the system’s responsiveness and speed at the peak time of workload. The test’s goal is to identify the errors. Stress and load tests are performed on the application to ensure its stability. Performance testing is an element of software testing.

Performance testing is typically less of a concern for testers than feature and component functioning. Performance analysts frequently operate independently from relevant departments in agile teams and don’t begin testing until the operations of the application are sufficiently stable.

A good performance test should include performance testing, which involves running a transaction or scenario continuously for a particular time to find memory leaks or other defects that may slow down the system. A breakpoint test, which involves raising the pressure on a platform until it reaches a critical point and crashing to determine when the system will fail; and an extensibility test, which need expanding the number of concurrent users, versions, and processes.

In addition to the mentioned, the following are other arguments for why performance testing is crucial for our projects:

  • Performance testing can demonstrate whether the application can sustain the anticipated load over an extended length of time.
  • Performance testing can provide us with assurance regarding the application’s loading time.
  • When done immediately, performance testing can assist us in reducing application crashes by guiding our decision-making.
  • When completed, performance testing provides us with findings for various application metrics like Response Time, Throughput, Memory Usage, CPU Utilization, and so forth.
  • We may compare these actual outcomes to the projected results to determine if our application is doing well or poorly.
  • Without performance testing, an application may earn a negative reputation or incur financial losses owing to crashes during high sales periods.

Scope of Performance Testing?

Any computer system with several users falls within the scope of performance testing, and this does not imply that performance testing is not necessary for single-user computer systems. This process uses to analyze a software application’s responsiveness, speed, stability, dependability, scalability, and resource optimization under the workload. Performance testing uses to locate and fix software application performance problems. Performance Testing Training Programme aims to provide high-quality instruction that emphasizes practical application while giving excellent subject foundational knowledge. Participants’ skills will enhance, and they will be able to complete real-world projects using best practices.

Why Choose Get Software Services for your Online Performance Testing Training Course?

Thus, if you want to change professions or start a career in automated testing, you must enroll in the top performance testing online training. When you want to enroll in a professional program such as performance testing, you must choose the best institution that can provide the best training the industry has to offer.

Furthermore, Get Software Services, which provides one of the top online automation testing courses, fits perfectly with this setting. Get software services. Performance-testing online training courses may help both newcomers and seasoned professionals improve their performance-testing online training skills.

Who can take this Performance Testing Course?

Performance testing training is frequently a platform-agnostic profession. Candidates with experience outside of IT are encouraged to join the online performance testing course, which might pave the road to a lucrative IT job. There is no prior knowledge required for the performance testing course. The training is open to anybody with a basic understanding of computer and software testing.

What you will learn in the Performance Testing Course?

The principles and techniques for evaluating the speed, responsiveness, and reliability of a computer, network, or software application are all covered in the performance testing course curriculum. You will want to see how to load REST APIs and web apps as you progress through the course. You will learn about every component of the Java script equipment that may be used to create load tests. It will gather data on the performance of the program under the specified load.

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