Online UFT/QTP Training

Online QTP/UFT Course

At GSS we offer exclusive practical oriented online QTP training on UFT automation tool with real-time examples. The course caters to both Basic and Advanced UFT topics. We provide 24/7 lab access to facilitate hands-on experience on the tool.

The right course for individuals looking for a challenging career in automation. The course provides good exposure to VBScript. We provide on-job support, if you need assistance with QTP/UFT scripting, debugging, etc in your current project, we can provide assistance to resolve errors, rewrite scripts, and get you moving ahead.

About UFT Training Course:

Are you searching for a challenging HP QTP course? Get Software services is the place where your search ends.

UFT/QTP is a Computer Emphasis automated functional testing tool that performs automated tests to find problems in software applications. UFT is an acronym that stands for Unified Functional Testing. It was previously known as QTP (QuickTest Professional). UFT is used for software testing, testing and debugging, and monitoring operations.

GSS provides the finest industry-oriented UFT training course to pass the certification tests. It covers all the ideas, like UFT basics, UFT components, object recognition setup, informative code, bulk testing, built-in functions, file system operations, query language, hybrid frameworks, and so on. You may get complete support and real-time project help from qualified specialists during the training. As a programming language, it makes use of VB scripting. It is a for-profit product that is an entity and embraces many technologies, including Web, Java.Net, SAP, MySql, Oracle, Web Services, etc.

A specific subset of testing process quality assurance(QA) initiatives, automation necessitates a substantial amount of intellectual and problem-solving abilities.

The ideal software creates the conditions for the delivery of successful automation projects.

Additionally, it gives testers freedom in how they support different automation frameworks, like keyword-driven, data-driven, or any other specialized framework. Both beginners and specialists may write test scripts.

Our Advanced QTP training course focuses on:

  • Live collaboration class focusing on learning the fundamentals of HP UFT (QTP) to higher-level principles.
  • Core Automation ideas include why, how, when, and what.
  • Fundamentals of programming and industry standards for VB Scripting Automation in Action and Frame architecture, as well as tools
  • Guidelines for Choosing Autonomous Mobile Test Scripts
  • HP UFT is being used to maximize utility and return on investment.
  • HP UFT Certification Has Begun
  • The scope of descriptive programming
  • Study materials to round up the learning experience
  • Advice on resumes, jobs, and interviews
  • Recorded sessions for convenient review
  • Hands-on activities are used to ensure that topics are well understood.
  • Instances of reality
  • HP UFT = HP QTP + HP ServiceTest ( WebService API Testing).

Why Choose Get Software Services for your Online QTP/UFT Training Course?

If you want to register for a professional program like the QTP/UFT online training, you must pick the ideal institution that can provide the best guidance the profession has to offer. Additionally, Get Software Services, which offers one of the best online courses on automation testing, is the best fit for this environment. Get software services both novices and seasoned professionals may benefit from taking QTP/UFT online training courses to advance their QTP/UFT online training abilities. We talk about real-time project domains in banking and finance, telecom, supply chain management, customer relationship management, and other industries.

Why do This QTP/UFT Course?

Automation has many benefits like Cost optimizations, productivity gains, Quick results, less error, reliable and reusable due to which Software Organizations look for individuals with Automation testing Skill sets. UFT is one of the most popular tools used for automation as it provides a wide range of technology support like Web, Desktop, SAP, MainFrames, Mobile, Siebel, etc. The course is designed to help a beginner in understating the basics of programming and get an in-depth knowledge of UFT and VBScript.

Basics concepts line Conditional statements, loops to advanced topics like DataBase Testing and descriptive programming are covered as part of this course

Online QTP/UFT Course Syllabus

  • Return On Investment (ROI)
  • Automation Tools evaluation
  • Projects suitable for automation
  • Types of Test Cases to Automation
  • Automation Process
  • History of QTP/UFT
  • Types of License
  • Installation Steps
  • Lab Access Procedure
  • Add-in Manager Window
  • Record & Playback
  • Analyse Result File
  • Role of Manual Tester
  • About Object Repository
  • InBuilt CheckPoints
  • Exist Method
  • VBScript Execution in Notepad
  • GetRoPropertyMethod
  • Password Encoder
  • Trouble Shooting UFT Issues
  • Different ways of adding Objects to OR
  • Understanding Frameworks
  • Different Types of Frameworks
  • Automation Scripting Standards and Naming Convention
  • Option Explicit
  • Looping statements in VBScript
  • RandomNumbers
  • Exit Loops
  • WebTables
  • Recovery Scenario Wizard
  • Exist Method
  • Wait Vs Sync
  • FileSystem Object for Folders
  • FileSystem Object for Files
  • Regular Expressions
  • Left and Right Functions
  • DataBase Testing using UFT
  • Batch Execution
  • Creating Shared OR
  • Converting Local OR to Shared OR
  • Merging Repositories
  • DataTables
  • Import Data from Excel to Data Table
  • Read data from Excel
  • Multiple iterations
  • Creating Functional Lib
  • User Defined Functions
  • InBuilt Functions
  • Use of Descriptive programming
  • How to write Descriptive Programming
  • Arrays
  • How to debug a code
  • Timers
  • Screen Recorder
  • Automation Process
  • Convert Manual to Automation
  • Individual and Batch Execution
  • Schedule Runs
  • Reports
  • Saving Resource files in QC
  • What is API?
  • API Testing using UFT
  • Multiple Iterations

Who can take this UFT Course?

Training for QTP/UFT is typically a platform-neutral profession. Candidates with backgrounds outside of IT recommend enrolling in the online performance testing course, which might open the door to a rewarding IT position. The QTP/UFT exam course does not require any prerequisite knowledge. Anyone with a fundamental grasp of computer and software testing is welcome to attend the program. The following is a list of professions that gain from the UFT course.

Those who want to study UFT encompass quality analysts, developers, manual testers, and automation testers.

What will you learn in Online QTP/UFT Training?

Those who choose this technology will have a bright future and opportunities for advancement. UFT principles, test automation fundamentals, and advanced methodologies are necessary to handle automation scenarios. Certification in UFT will open up a variety of opportunities for both job seekers and professionals.

Pre- Requisites:

  • Manual Testing Knowledge
  • Good logical skills

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    " Get Software Service Instructors are great! They also provide all the services you need to cement the knowledge shared. "

    Rajesh Galla

    " An excellent training with detailed presentation, practical examples, useful information about related activities, an experienced trainer. "

    Leelya Gummadi

    " Best Teacher , Best service . Madhu Sir you are great . i recommend all of you guys to try his services , take demo classes , i bet you will love him. Regards: Imran "

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    " A great place to start a new career . Very prompt response. One on one homework help is very useful. Easy to understand lectures even if you are coming from a different background. "

    Papia Chowdhury

    " Mr. Tummala is a dedicated instructor who makes a sincere effort in explaining everything in a simple and easy to understand manner. Coming from a completely non-IT background I had no difficulty in following the classes. He responds promptly to emails and voice messages and is always ready to answer your questions or clarify anything you didn’t understand. The QTP instructor, Meghana was an equally good teacher and very knowledgeable. I consider my money well spent. "

    Sowmya Jess Prasanth

    " I strongly recommend these classes if you are new to IT testing. Teachers are very knowledgeable and follow very good teaching methods. You almost get an in class learning experience. I personally felt very useful about the one on one discussion & homework review sessions."

    Chanakya Bodepudi



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