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Online Selenium Webdriver Course

We at GSS provide extensive Selenium Online training which includes all the topics required to work on a real-time automation project. A wide range of functionalities like Selenium IDE, WebDriver, Grid, Programming Language, Framework Development, GIT, Maven, Jenkins, Cucumber, TestNG, etc are covered. The course enables you to learn all the strategies of creating powerful automated web tests with Java/Python/JavaScript during the selenium course. We also provide additional interview preparation sessions where frequently asked interview questions on JAVA and Selenium WebDriver are discussed, which helps the individual to confidently face Automation Interviews.

Our installation documents and guides help you configure and install a complete selenium automation setup on your computer.

Why do this Selenium course?

Selenium is one of the most popular open-source testing tools for Software Automation Testing. It is used for automating browser-based applications across different platforms. Selenium finds its relevance in Regression Testing(Test Data creation, Functional Testing, automation-aided exploratory testing, reproducing bugs, etc). Selenium-Automation has many benefits like Cost optimizations, productivity gains, Quick results, less error, reliable and reusable due to which Software Organizations look for individuals with Automation testing Skill sets.

Our Selenium WebDriver Training is a blend of theory, practical examples as well as presentations. You also get to learn core object-oriented programming concepts (OOPs) which is the base for Java. JavaScript and Python. We have 24×7 remote lab access to practice what you learn. We also provide job support for our candidates, once you start working as a Software Testing professional, in case you need any help, so we can iron out any issues you may face. If you are looking for detailed learning of automation concepts with a wide coverage of topics, then this course is right for you.

Online Selenium Course Syllabus

  • What is automation testing?
  • Introduction to Selenium
  • Selenium Variants
  • Supported Platforms (Browsers, Programming Languages, Operating Systems)
  • Installation procedure
  • Comparison between Selenium and UFT /QTP
  • Overview of Object-Oriented Concepts
  • Classes, Objects, Constructors and methods
  • Method Overloading
  • Inheritance
  • Method Overriding
  • Access Modifiers
  • Arrays
  • Looping and Conditions
  • Introduction
  • Setting up Selenium IDE
  • Record and Playback in IDE
  • Running a Test Script
  • Log Analysis
  • Setting Execution Speed
  • Setting up WebDriver
  • Creating scripts using WebDriver
  • Open and Click Commands
  • Verification Commands
  • Locator Elements
  • Wait Commands
  • Handling Frames, Alerts and Dropdowns
  • Taking screenshots in Selenium
  • Supported Automation Frameworks
  • Setting up TestNG in Eclipse
  • JUnit Vs TestNG
  • Executing Selenium Scripts using Test NG
  • Sequential and Parallel Execution
  • Storing Results
  • Cross browser testing using TestNG
  • Using Page Objects in WebDriver
  • Advanced WebDriver – Multiple browsers, Browser profiles, Screenshots etc.
  • Prioritising Test Cases
  • Why POM
  • Page Factory
  • Advantages of POM
  • How to Implement POM
  • Batch Execution of scripts
  • Selenium With GITHub
  • Maven with Selenium
  • Jenkins with Selenium
  • Selenium and Cucumber
  • Selenium with NodeJs
  • Selenium with Python
  • Data Driven Framework
  • Keyword Driven Framework

Who can take this Selenium Webdriver Course?

  • Perfect for beginners to manual testers who want to make their career in Automation Testing.
  • Graduates with IT/Non-IT background
  • Software Testers, QA Leads or Managers
  • Business Analysts

Pre- Requisites:

  • Manual Testing Knowledge
  • Good logical skills

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    " Get Software Service Instructors are great! They also provide all the services you need to cement the knowledge shared. "

    Rajesh Galla

    " An excellent training with detailed presentation, practical examples, useful information about related activities, an experienced trainer. "

    Leelya Gummadi

    " Best Teacher , Best service . Madhu Sir you are great . i recommend all of you guys to try his services , take demo classes , i bet you will love him. Regards: Imran "

    Haider Bangash

    " A great place to start a new career . Very prompt response. One on one homework help is very useful. Easy to understand lectures even if you are coming from a different background. "

    Papia Chowdhury

    " Mr. Tummala is a dedicated instructor who makes a sincere effort in explaining everything in a simple and easy to understand manner. Coming from a completely non-IT background I had no difficulty in following the classes. He responds promptly to emails and voice messages and is always ready to answer your questions or clarify anything you didn’t understand. The QTP instructor, Meghana was an equally good teacher and very knowledgeable. I consider my money well spent. "

    Sowmya Jess Prasanth

    " I strongly recommend these classes if you are new to IT testing. Teachers are very knowledgeable and follow very good teaching methods. You almost get an in class learning experience. I personally felt very useful about the one on one discussion & homework review sessions."

    Chanakya Bodepudi


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